DIY: Braille Love Cuff Bracelet

This little project was inspired by the Braille on my building's elevator buttons.
Braille is the first digital form of writing and is widely used by visually impaired people.
So why not put it on jewelry?
 This is such a cute way to up-cycle old jewelry or just decorate new ones :)

You will need:
 - deco paint
- cuff bracelet or a bangle (or any piece of jewelry you feel like decorating with Braille)

 I used an old metallic cuff, removed all it's embellishments and went on the braille translator to get the word for "love" in Braille.
You can use a pencil to softly outline the design on the cuff, I was feeling brave and used the paint directly.
 Following the design with the paint make sure you push enough paint out to create a puffy dot each time.

Let it dry according to the paint's instructions and done!


Hope you like it :)


  1. I love this!

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  3. what a sweet idea! following you now

  4. Great DIY Dina :)
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  5. Nice, looks cute :)
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  6. Aw. My fiance is blind. He is always feeling my jewelry and clothing. I think I might just surprise him. Ha...Now what to write?